Really Occifer, the sign hit ME!

Well, it’s been an interesting trip to Chicago so far…

On the way down we stopped at the Safe House in Milwaukee for dinner, and I must say I think I had the best bbq ribs I’ve ever had in my life! Fell off the bone so nicely and yuuuuuummy bbq sauce *drool* Dale got himself a little martini glass and shaker. That was kinda cool too 🙂

Then on the way to Illinois, we hit a sudden thunderstorm with high winds. I was driving Dale’s car, and next thing I knew, it was a torrential downpour with 0% visibility, massive (and close!) lightening strikes, and horizontal rain. Then out of nowhere, a construction speed limit sign blew out into the road and slammed the front right side of the car. Eeeeeeps! Fortunately we’re fine, but Dale’s Vibe has a nasty dent in it 🙁 Glad I didn’t actually see the sign coming, or I woulda swerved to miss it and ended up ramming the semi next to me. I was too busy watching for flying cows anyway.


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