Now for the fun part…

contacting the entire free world to let them know I have a new last name. I think this is the real reason many women don’t change their last names anymore, cuz it’s a royal pain in the ass 😉

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  • ctrlalttabby: Yup…
    Trying to figure out where all you still have to do it… remembering that the title and driver’s license are 2 separate entities… every single frigging credit card… Paypal (who requires more documentation than the passport does)… pain in the butt.

  • dinov123:
    I wouldn’t make my wife change her name … Congrats, though!

    • No one is making me. Just wouldn’t make sense to continue to use my ex-husband’s last name, and I don’t particularly want to go back to my maiden name either.

  • None: Changing to your married name
    I don’t think it’s that hard to change names on things. As any bills etc. come in just fill in your new name in the new address place, pretty simple.

    • Ok Mom 😉 And actually, you often can’t change your name on the back of bills, just your address and phone number. Else people could just put a different name on their bills without proof and no one would ever be held liable 😉 Doesn’t help that most of my bills are online either 😛

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