Is Mercury still in retrograde?

Ok, the last 4 days have just sucked…

Saturday was one of those days where nothing went right. I don’t even remember the majority of the day because it was so highly emotional. I think I’ve blocked it out…

Sunday we went to the UU church to see if we could find someone to facilitate the wedding. The minister said there was no way he could do it because they have service around the same time as our wedding, so referred us to one of their seminary students. She called us that evening to let us know she was interested in doing the wedding, but wouldn’t know if she could make it for sure until the next day. So she said she’d call us back one way or the other on Monday. It’s now Tuesday, still no call…

Also on Sunday, I dropped the bell to my french horn and dented it while at horn rehearsal. Now it won’t go back on, so I hafta take it to the repair shop.

On Monday, Dale decided to get the flooring to put the new wood floor in our eventually-to-be office. He’s had nothing but trouble trying to get it started, with boards not lining up right, damaged pieces that need to go back, and a whole box of flooring that was apparently purchased by someone else, cut up, then returned to the store and resold.

Then before bed, Dale tried to give Jack his insulin shot, only to end up stabbing himself *3* times.

Meanwhile, I was staying in a hotel that placed me right next to the pool area so I got to listen to screaming kids till 11:15pm, and again at 7am. This was quite distressing considering I got called for work (I’m on-call this week) at 3am by a co-lo that decided they needed a redundant circuit (yes, redundant, as in the backup circuit. The primary one was up running fine) looked at immediately. When I looked at it, I saw we had no link to their equipment. When informed they would need to check their cable and connection, they then decided it could wait till morning. Bastards…

Tonight I got to come home a day early from my work trip (one good thing, yay!). But when we went out to eat, my shrimp alfredo sucked donkey dick. Dale also smashed his finger while working on the flooring.

Can someone just shoot me now? Please??

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  • ctrlalttabby: Hmmm…
    With all the strange friends you guys have (taking into account the ones I know, and assuming most are weird like us), you’ve got to know at least a couple people who are ordained. What are Wisconsin’s requirements relating to who performs the ceremony? Major ouch on Dale trying to give himself insulin. How smug did the cat look?

    • Yeah, we know people that are ordained, and we’re working down the list. We’re having difficulties with people getting back to us. Circle turned out to be completely useless (multiple messages and emails sent with no responses. The one person we did get a hold of from Circle (Shel), at first said she would do it pending daycare for her child, then two weeks later decided it was too far to drive. I’m gonna call the UU girl today to see what’s up. But to be honest, I’m not wholly sure I trust her at this point since she said she’d get back to us on Monday and didn’t. Makes me wonder if she’d actually show up for the wedding. So know we’re heading into a list of a couple people we’ve heard thru the grape vine that are ordained. It’s not been a nice process 🙁 Dale’s yelling scared Jack away. He had to coax hom out of his hiding place to give him the shot 😉

      • ctrlalttabby: Re: Hmmm…
        Worst case scenario, I can do it. 🙂

        • lunasoleil: Re: Hmmm…
          You’re ordained? It’s not through that ordaining website, is it? 😉

          • ctrlalttabby: Re: Hmmm…
            A couple different ones, actually. 🙂 Spiritual Humanism ( ) is the most recent, cause I couldn’t find the info on my old one (in my maiden name), which I think was a UU website.

          • Heh, I think almost everyone we know is ordained through some website or another 😉 So I guess if we end up not finding anyone, we’ll just pick someone from the audience 😉 The girl from the UU church did get back to me this morning and said she could do the wedding, and apologized for not getting back earlier because she was called out of town until this morning. So we’re gonna meet with her sometime this weekend.

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