Fun stuff :)

Should be a fun weekend 🙂

Tonight Dale and I go to the biweekly pagan IHOP gathering, that’s put on by the local Pagan Unity Council. The afterwards we’re having some friends over to help us choose wines for the wedding. We have about 20 different wines that we’ve accumulated from the local wineries both here and in Door Co. Dale prefers drier wines, while I’m more into semi-sweet. So we thought we’d make a little party out of it and get some more opinions.

Then tomorrow night our friends are putting on a couples bachelor/ette party for us. Sounds like there will be about 25-30 people there. We’re going to a local asian restaurant for dinner (yum!), then heading to our favorite karaoke bar till the wee hours. We have such awesome friends 🙂

On Sunday, Dale leaves for Boston for a week of work conventions, so I’ll have the place to myself. As much as love to have Dale around, it’ll be nice to have some time alone too 🙂 I plan on finishing up the painting project and getting that room together, and hopefully getting the carpet cleaners here. I think Dale would be happy to come home to find all that done 🙂

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