Ever get to a point with a job that you knew that if you continued much longer it would kill you; emotionally, physically, mentally. And that you had to get out no matter what the consequences? If so, tell me about it, I’d love to know how you survived.

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  • vampiress144:
    when i worked at the performaning arts center, i would cry before work, on my breaks, afetr work. my boyfirend almost left me. i was a wreck. i focused on finding another job. i checked all of my dream jobs first, and unbelievably one of my dream jobs was hiring. i totally fell into this position. then the rest of my moth notice was tough, but i focused ont he bright side of my new job.

    • I hope I’m as lucky when it comes to finding a job I like. Part of my problem is I don’t have a dream job to shoot for. There’s nothing out there that I’d love to do more than anything that I’m remotely qualified for. I’d love to be an astronomer, but going back to college isn’t an option. Costs way too much.

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