Our house… is a very very very messy house…

I’ve now jumped back on my “Let’s get this house together!” kick. 8 months after we’ve moved in and there’s still boxes lying around. Dale’s office is still unusable, so he’s leaving his paperwork all over the house to compensate. Because of all the stuff lying around, I can’t properly vacuum, so the kitties are starting to trash the place with their fur and occasional accidents. Unacceptable…

So we’ve decided to do some rearranging to better utilize our space. Since I’m unable to use my office because the computer chair reeks havoc with my back (and now because one of the cats decided to make the carpet their toilet), we’ve decided to merge our offices into one. Dale’s office is big enough for both desks. So tonight we’re going paint shopping so we can get that office together.

Then we’re gonna clean up my old office by having it’s carpet and the living room carpet professionally cleaned, and turn that room into the guest room. It’s got really nice carpet in there, I hate to see it continue to get trashed by the furballs. I think it’ll make a much nicer, cheery guest room than the 2nd room upstairs.

Once we have the bed and dresser moved into my old office, then we’re gonna turn the 2nd upstairs room into a library/music room. Figure we can get an inexpensive futon and comfy chair from Ikea, and fill the rest of the walls with our books (we have a ton). Then I’ll have someplace I can practice my french horn without deafening anyone ๐Ÿ˜‰ It can also serve as another guest room if need be (not that we get all that many visitors) or a future room for a baby ๐Ÿ™‚

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