I’m starting to wonder if anyone ever gets medical attention anymore… called the drs office over an hour ago, had to leave a message cuz all the nurses were busy (or not there yet). Still haven’t called me back. Do I really either hafta lie and say I’m on the verge of death to be seen or just be a complete bitch just to see a dr? Neither is appealing to me. I’m gonna sue someone if I end up sterile or something because this problem has been going on for 10 days and I can’t get decent medical attention to get it resolve, let alone even find out what’s happening.

It’s just so unbelievable that I actually live in a country where I can’t get decent health care. This is something one tends to think only happens in like 3rd world countries or something. This is America, it’s not supposed to be like this… *cries*

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  • tidesong:
    Oh I know. It’s frustrating as hell. First I have to find a doctor my health plan will actually accept. Then I have to try to get in to SEE them. I just had a problem this morning because a dermatologist I was scheduled to see at the end of this month, while a member of the clinic, is not on my PPO’s “preferred” list. So I’ve had this rash for over 2 years, and I now have to wait till the end of SEPTEMBER to see a doc. It’s stupid.

    • As irritated as I’m am with things in Appleton, I know you have it much worse in Madison when it comes to seeing regular physicans. I remember trying to get into an OB/GYN for an annual appointment, and out of 4 clinics I called, the shortest wait to see one was *4 months*. All the rest of the clinics were booked up for almost a year. When I lived there, I basically gave up trying to get into a regular Dr when I needed to see someone. I just went to the urgent care clinics instead. That is one thing that Madison has that Appleton doesn’t, urgent care clinics that see people faster than regular drs, but isn’t quite emergency room either. You still usually end up sitting around for 3-4 hours, but at least you get in to see someone that day. Scary, isn’t it?

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