Ok, I have a stupid wedding question…

I have these RSVP cards for my invites with little envelopes. Am I supposed to address the envelopes to the guest and put the return address and stamp on the RSVP card? or do I address the card to the guest and put the return address and stamp on the open envelope?

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  • tidesong:
    I think the little RSVP envelopes get addressed to YOU so people can send their RSVP’s back to you. With a stamp.

  • leprechauns:
    Yes, you should be addressing the small envelopes to yourself, putting the stamp on them and stacking it with the rsvp card when you assemble it all. That way all they have to do is fill out yay or nay and slip it into the mailbox. It’s most convienent to print your info on the envelope instead of having to write it out over and over

  • ctrlalttabby: *grin*
    Ah, the fun of wedding planning. See why we had return postcards? Little envelopes get your address & a stamp, and go inside the invite with the RSVP card.

  • ednoled:
    It is customary, if you are sending reply envelopes, to includes a SASE with each invitation. I wasn’t here.

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