Sad news :(

Please send those loverly healing vibes to my uncle and his family… a couple weeks ago he underwent a quadruple bypass because the majority of his main arteries were almost complete (or completely) clogged. The surgery in itself went well, except for one thing… he got a staph infection in his sternum. He underwent another surgery to clean up the mess, but it was already pretty bad. He’s also diabetic, so healing himself is even more difficult.

He’s in the hospital now getting weaker everyday. I’m so worried, he’s the only uncle I’ve ever been close too. He’s always been a sprite and happy guy. He’s in a hospital in Milwaukee which is 2 hours away from Appleton, so it’s difficult for his family to get down there to be with him (and of course he insists they not bother, he’s a little stubborn too 😉 ). My mom just lost her sister 8 months ago and her other brother 10 years ago. Now she’s looking at potentially losing another brother. *sniffle* 🙁

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