Will it ever end?

Lately I’ve been noticing the incessant amount of advertising spam I’ve recently been subjected to. I’m not talking about email or web spam, I’m talking about checkout counter spam. Almost every time I go into a major business of some sort, I’m bombarded with questions like “Would you like to buy a subscription to ?”, or “Would you like to donate a dollar to ?”. Of course, this is all done before they will check you out. I think this is just wrong… I’m already in *their* store bringing them *my* business, and what do I get in return? I get a barrage of advertisements as I try to check out. I never really had a problem with the little flyers they’d put in my bags. I’d read the ones that looked like something I might be interested in, and I’d recycle the rest. But forcing me to listen through their spiel just so I can buy my stuff and be on my way is more than I’m comfy with.

I feel bad for the cashiers, basically being turned into tele-marketers without the anonymity of the phone to protect them. When you tell them (no matter how politely), that you don’t appreciate being spammed at the checkout, only thing they can say is “Well, I’m only doing my job”. I think I’m gonna have to write some forceful email/letters to these stores expressing my irritations, maybe talk to some managers when the spam occurs. Wonder if anyone else feel this way…

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  • omnifarious:
    I dislike it too. I think I will try calling over the manager every once in awhile and chewing him or her out for forcing the employees to do this.

  • ednoled: speaking from first hand knowledge…
    The decisions are made on the nameless, faceless corporate level. The corporation, in total, gets commission for advertising their product in any way fashionable, from ads on the baskets, to impulse buy, to ads painted on the floors of some supermarkets, down to the dividedrs in the checkout lane. Now They are forcing their minions — the managers and workers who don’t even see a half-penny of the extra revenue, and who would be fired even if they whiff of disagreement — do more dirty work advertisement. I find it odd that any grocery store, of all places, have advertising in it anyway.

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