Great Weekend! :)

This weekend was quite awesome 🙂

Dale & I went to Circle Sanctuary this weekend with a bunch of friends for Beltane. I hafta admit it was one of the better trips to Circle I’ve had. The last two Beltanes I was sick, for once I was healthy. Yay 🙂 Since I don’t live in Waunakee anymore to provide housing, most of us opted to camp out for the weekend. Yup, spring in Wisconsin can be quite unpredictable. Both nights were very cold… but I had my mummy bag and Dale to keep me warm 🙂

The ritual was more interesting than usual. We had a rainbow (like, a *real* rainbow) appear above the circle in the middle of the rit. Wouldn’t have thought much of it (other than it being quite pretty), except there wasn’t a rain cloud in the sky. It occurred right at the time when all the couples were gathered around the Maypole. I’m gonna take it as a good sign… and a sign that I made the right decision, because on Friday, Dale proposed on top of Spirit Rock, and I accepted. We’ll be getting married in October 🙂

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