Just got back from a nice trip to Chicago. Drove down yesterday for a friend’s birthday party at a purty cool Turkish restaurant. I wasn’t really optimistic that I’d like the food, but it was actually VERY good 🙂 Afterward we smoked some rose tobacco from a hookah in the restaurant lounge. Can’t say I’ve smoked anything like it, had a nice scent & flavor, and didn’t kill my lungs like everything else I’ve ever smoked (except clove cigs, but I don’t inhale those). Got back to the hotel about 2am, and crashed till 10am. Today we took a trip to IKEA and saw lotsa things we woulda loved to buy, but didn’t have a truck to haul it all back to Wisconsin (we took my Elantra). While we were there I started not feeling very well, and a bit seasick (do all IKEA stores SHAKE like this one did?), so we headed home. We did take a quick detour to the Apple Store, and drooled over the laptops I can’t afford. Dale wants a mini IPod, but they’re back ordered 5 weeks.

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  • rainbow_slinky:
    Rose tobacco sounds interesting. Never noticed that IKEA rocks, but I know what your talking about..malls do that. Does he want a mini for the size (unit or space) or what? They’re so backordered that they’re upgrading people to 15gb regular iPods for the same price. I even think the miniPods are too small.

    • you can feel the building shake on the 2rd & 3rd floors of this IKEA. It was quite concerning testing couches and feeling the building move 😉 Dale wanted a mini because they’re cute 😉 He’d he happier with a 15gb IPod tho. The guys at the Apple Store didn’t say anything about giving money off on the 15gbs because of the backorder. We’ll hafta ask about that. Thanks!

      • rainbow_slinky:
        Wow, a 3rd floor to the ikea? wow. Haha. He may have to call and ask about that (whatever the apple store online’s # is). It was in a bunch of news articles the other day, so I’m guessing it’s still a legit offer. Plus the minis seem to be having a lot of static issues…

  • ctrlalttabby: *sigh*
    Sorry we missed seeing you guys. I was dead tired and there was no way I would have been awake enough to socialize.

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