Is Mercury still in retrograde?

It has NOT been a good week 🙁

Monday: Started catching a bug, so felt generally crappy. My distance learning network started flaking out. Dale and I had a fight, never much fun. Went to a Chinese buffet that a friend said was pretty good, and it was actually kinda icky. Broke my glasses.

Tuesday: Bug got worse. Woke up at 5:30am (after not much sleep) to do some work with an extremely difficult customer. Of course the work didn’t go well (partly because of us, mostly because as usual they wouldn’t cooperate). Distance Learning network continues to flake, and schools start resetting their equipment before I can look at it. Goto get glasses fixed, and my previous eye clinic refuses to give my prescription to another clinic without a complete records transfer (which takes days to complete). Just another way this clinic tries to force people to buy their optical wear for 3 times the price. Luckily my new clinic had some spare frames that fit my lenses so I can see till this gets all straightened out. They’re butt-ugly, but they serve the purpose. Good news, because of all the network crap going on, I was able to get out of 4 days of HR meetings in Madison. This gave me time to continue painting the living room so maybe it’ll actually be done this week, and time to recoup from my bug.

Wednesday: Woke up to find out Dale’s uncle passed away last night, before we got a chance to go see him. We knew he was very sick, but didn’t realize how bad 🙁 He was a very nice guy, reminded me of my dad. No word when the funeral is yet. Still feeling quite crappy from the bug, but at least the distance learning network seems happier today.

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