I’m starting to feel a bit like a human being again. My last chiropractor adjustment provided to be very beneficial, and now I’m only suffering from an occasional siatic pinch. Still haven’t been able to sleep in a bed yet. Last night I was finally able to lie down and get back up (with help), but lying on my back was very uncomfortable and I couldn’t roll over without pain. Hopefully tonight I’ll be able to sleep in a bed like a normal person 🙂

Tomorrow I take Whiskey to the vet for a pre-exam for I-131 Iodine radiation treatment (with my sister’s help). He’s hyperthyroid, and giving him meds is near impossible. Either it’s force-feed him pills or liquid, or have Jack lick the meds outta his ears. He’s been off his meds for the last 10 days for this, so he’s not feeling well at all. My poor furball is getting older 🙁

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