It’s over…

my horseback riding days, that is… Yesterday I went out to ride Tanner and have my first riding lesson with him. As soon as I tried to get on his back, he went into full out bucking bronco and sent me flying. I landed flat on my back, same place where I landed last time I was thrown by my old horse. So now I’m laid up, unable to get in and out of bed without excruciating pain from pinched nerves in my lower spine. I saw my chiropractor right after it happened. He took some x-rays and verified that nothing is broken, but couldn’t do much more because of the swelling. Went to the urgent care afterwards and got some pain pills and muscle relaxers. Dale’s folks had one of those recliners that will lift you up so you can get in and out easier, so they were nice enough to drive the 2 1/2 hours over here for me to use it. It’s a god-send! Dale stayed home from work today to help me get around since I can’t get up and down on my own.

I’m really quite bummed *sniffle* I still like horses, but I’m afraid if I get yet another injury to my back I will end up paralyzed. The girl that was giving my lesson felt SO bad. She had just got done telling me she wouldn’t let anything happen to me, then BOOM. She’s a real sweetie and offered to work with Tanner to turn him into the horse I’m looking for. Unfortunately I’m just not comfy riding anymore. Time to find a hobby that’s less destructive to my spine.

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